Engage your users with personalized insights

Elegant allows success teams to turn client data into beautiful, interactive reports
that increase retention in a fraction of the time.

Modern business users want the right data
delivered to the right channels.

Modern business users want the right data delivered via the right channel.

Build email reports

With the best, easy-to-use tools
World Class Visual Editor

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Sophisticated Components

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Endless Customization and Branding

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Reaching users with insightful business data is costly and complex.

User-obsessed teams trying to provide a great client experience either handcraft individual reports for large clients or spend months assembling DIY solutions to show their users insights at scale.


Engage users with personalized insights
— in minutes.

Elegant's visual builder enables savvy CX teams
to craft elegant insights that show clients the value of their product.

World Class Visual Editor

Drive engagement back to your platform

World Class Visual Editor

Keep your product's value top-of-mind for users

World Class Visual Editor

Give users freedom to control what they see

World Class Visual Editor

Save hundreds of hours of dev time

How Elegant Works


Who you're sending reports to and when to send them


Thursday, September 1 • 8:00 AM
Repeat every 1st day of the month

Prepare the Content

that your end users will see.
Track Engagement Statistics
Select the Right Channels

Integrate with your personal inbox to manage every interaction.

Identify Key Data Insights
Build Your Report Visually

Use our drag and drop editor to build stunning reports your users will love instead of static pdf files.

Generate Customer Feedback
Customize the Design and Branding

Elegant gives you the full freedom to edit the styling and upload logos to match your brand's identity

Manage Engagement

Track how each client engages with each report to always deliver value.
Track Engagement Statistics
Track Engagement Statistics

Track interactions for each and every report on a per-user basis.

Identify Key Data Insights
Identify Key Data Insights

Figure out which of your reports drive the most engagement from your users.

Generate Customer Feedback
Generate Customer Feedback

Quickly iterate and respond to bring your clients the most relevant data at the right times.

Floating Data Sources

Securely Connect Your Data

With the security solution that is right for your business.
Cloud Hosted
Cloud Hosted

Seamlessly connect to your databases or 3rd party APIs to populate the right data inside the Tennr builder.


Alternatively, deploy Tennr's self-hosted agent and keep all user data protected behind your company's VPC.

Smart Query Editor
Smart Query Editor

Either way, leverage Tennr's query editor to securely bring the right data to the right users every time.

Build email reports

With simple, versatile tooling

The no-code tool that lets you
own all the code

World Class Visual Editor

World Class Visual Editor

Drag and drop customizable components to build the perfect branded email reporting experience.

Sophisticated Functionality

Sophisticated Functionality

Let your end-users specify when and what data they receive.

Endless Branding and Customization

Endless Customization and Branding

Customize logos, fonts, colors and more to match your brand.

Insights for your users
Share what's important
Business users want relevant data delivered to them, not tucked away in an analytics tab.

Tennr is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for companies to build beautiful client-facing reports that connect to your data and deliver directly to your users.
Add to your product

Visual Builder

Use Tennr's world-class visual editor
to build stunning and informative dashboards.

Fully Configurable

Start with basic pre-sets, then let your users configure what data they see and when they see it.
Developer-driven design
The 2-sided solution for full flexibility.
Tennr provides a unique, 2-sided solution that ensures developers never feel limited at any stage in their development workflow.
Seamlessly integrates into any React codebase.
Deploy with standard environment branching.
Write queries and transform your data. Customize with javascript.
Highly customizable SDK and dashboard editor.

Connect your data effortlessly.

Build on top of your own database or integrate with data from 3rd-party APIs. Tennr allows you to integrate with your team's data sources in a few clicks to safely show your users the data they want to see.
Connect through Tennr or self-host with an on-prem agent that never leaves your VPC.





Amazon Redshift



Google Sheets




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Give your web app the functionality it deserves.

"We built analytics for our end users on top of Postgres in minutes. It felt like magic..."
Peter Solimine
"Tennr enabled my team to build reporting for our users in a matter of hours, not months"
Jordan Meyer
Don't throw out that custom console

Instead of abandoning your existing web apps and tools that your business relies on, add just the features you need with a few lines of code.

Build the hard stuff in a day

Connect to the data your employees or end users need to see, and display it beautifully directly inside your web app.

Code Independence

Being limited by low-code tools is a developer's worst nightmare.

By embedding directly into your codebase, Tennr allows you to take only what you need. Never be prevented from adding the crucial functionality your business may need someday.

Endless Customizability -- No, Seriously.

Tennr's visual editor makes it easy to customize nearly every aspect of each component you build.

But we know visual editors have their limits. That's why our SDK supports all sorts of additional functionality your developers will love.